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Each session of engaging muscles in the office includes two hours of hands-on deep tissue massage for pain, performance, and prevention.

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Most massage therapists don’t know how to differentiate tight muscles from those that are underperforming (for you).
If you’ve never thought it would be possible for some of your muscles to be unable to provide stability and control motion, you’ll want to think again.
When your muscles feel tight, it’s always due to the muscles that are neurologically incapable of pulling their weight.
See, beyond your conscious awareness, your brain calls upon muscles to remain tight to protect you from yourself.

When your brain recognizes that your muscles can provide stability and control motion, the tight muscles will relax.

If you’re tired of addressing symptoms and want to get to the root cause, schedule an appointment today!



* Two hours of hands-on muscle therapy ~ 295

** Package of 2 sessions (four hours) ~ 560

*** Package of 3 sessions (six hours) ~ 712 (best seller)

Package pricing ranges from 560 (2) to 2710 (12)

The focus of your first session in the office is to address the underperforming muscles that are the biggest players.

The deep muscles I mentioned in the previous sentence play a significant role in providing stability and controlling motion.

<img data-src="" alt="Rick Merriam addresses the trapezius muscle in the office of Engaging Muscles Massage." width="1200px" length="800px"/>
Rick Merriam addresses the trapezius muscle with a transverse friction massage technique.
You can use your HSA or FSA card.  All major credit/debit cards are also accepted.
Every session of hands-on muscle therapy will require two hours of your time, guaranteed.
Because you will be fully clothed throughout every session, please plan to wear the athletic clothing you use for exercise.

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I Stopped Releasing The Piriformis with Deep Massage (This Is What I Do Now!)

To see more videos, you can just go to the page designated for videos.
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Can’t fly to Dallas to experience what it feels like to have muscles engaging to the best of their ability?

Work with me online.

If your movement strategy, mechanics, or pain require more than one session, your best bet is to purchase a package.

Texas Massage Therapy License: MT110566
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