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Online consultations do not include cookie-cutter stretches or one-size-fits-all exercises.

In an online consultation, you will learn to perform exercises to increase stability, mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Are you tired of spending time performing exercises and stretches that address symptoms and increase compensation?

Did you know you cannot improve mobility or flexibility without stability?

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At this point, you may not know why stretching, releasing muscles, and performing cookie-cutter exercises have you stuck.

Whether you know it or not, stretching, releasing muscles, and performing the same exercises that countless people before you have is a recipe for a different workaround, a.k.a., compensation.

To stop chasing pain and symptoms, your best bet is to work with me from home.

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At this point, without knowing it, you have more than likely performed exercises that increase compensation and don’t align with the principles of human function.

Suppose you decide to meet with me online.  In that case, you will learn how to take full advantage of super-specific exercises that include an external force to challenge the target muscle we find to be underperforming.

<img data-src="" alt="In online consultation, a female patient performs an isometric exercise for plantar fasciitis. She's lying on her back with one knee flexed and only her heel is in contact with the massage table." width="1200px" length="500px"/>
A patient performs an isometric exercise for plantar fasciitis.

When we meet online, you will not waste your time learning how to perform the run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter exercises you can see in physical therapy and chiropractic (any day of the week).

Instead, the exercises are specific to how you are functioning.

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I did an online consultation with Rick over Zoom.  I have a personal training business in Phoenix, Arizona.  So because of my interest in muscles and joint mechanics, I had been following Rick’s blog and newsletter for some time.

More recently, I have had pain in my knee.  The pain made it difficult to show my clients how to perform any exercise involving that knee.  I was also concerned about the long-term impact of compensation. 

So when I found out I had a meniscus root tear, I reached out to Rick to schedule a meeting online.  I have no symptoms after one session.

All it took was a few weeks of performing the exercises he recommended for me.  Thank you so much, Rick!

— Eva

Online Consultation In Two Steps

Step 1: I will take a look at your range of motion.

Step 2: When we have found the underperforming muscles, I will walk you through exercises designed to strengthen positions where you have instability.

When we address the positions of instability, we also get to the root cause. 

<img data-src="" alt="A female online consultation patient performs a standing isometric deadlift with light exercise band underneath her feet." " width="1200px" length="600px/>"
A patient performs a standing isometric deadlift with a light exercise band.

To achieve what we aim to accomplish, every exercise we go over in an online consultation will be performed in positions where your muscles cannot provide stability to the best of their ability.


*90-minute consultation via an online meeting ~ 212

** Two online consultations ~ 400 (most popular)

***Three online consultations ~ 560

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Whether you are dealing with pain or an injury, the goal is for you to have stability in positions where you currently have instability.

With the right inputs, you will increase strength and stability in places where your brain recognizes instability.

On top of that, because you have more stability, you will also have more mobility and flexibility.

Did you catch what I was throwing there?

No matter how productive it feels at the time, you cannot increase mobility and flexibility without stability.


Although the positions of instability are different for everyone, it is essential to recognize that stretching, foam rolling, and releasing muscles with deep tissue massage are short-lived because they do not increase stability.

Until your brain recognizes stability in positions where you have instability at a joint, you will continue to scratch the same itch.

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